Electric Pressure Cooker Love

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$5.00 30 minutes

Electric Pressure Cooker Love

Electric pressure cooker been in the box since last Christmas?  Afraid of the idea of having a pressurized vessel in your kitchen?!  Let me, mom of 5 and owner of 3 electric pressure cookers, teach you how to use your pressure cooker confidently!  In class, I will show how to use, clean, and maintain your appliance.  I will demonstrate (and you can follow along in your kitchen too if you want to!) how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs that peel perfectly every time!  My Electric Pressure Cooker saves me so much time in the kitchen I use them several times per week for chili, pot roast, whole chickens, beef veggie soup, one-pot meals and DESSERTS!  Join me to learn how this simple machine can free up hours in your week and produce delicious, healthy food for your family.

What You Will Learn

Gain the confidence to use your pressure cooker Learn the tricks that make your appliance your go-to piece of equipment in your kitchen


No Pressure Cooker required, but if you have one and want to try making hard-boiled eggs with me, bring a cup of water, a trivet (metal rack insert), and some uncooked eggs.

Target Audience

Anyone who has or is thinking about getting an Electric Pressure Cooker


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