Lava Cakes – Electric Pressure Cooker Love

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$15.00 45 minutes

Lava Cakes – Electric Pressure Cooker Love

Lava Cake – that mystical dessert you only order on your birthday at the fancy restaurant in town.  Forget that!  Haul out your Electric Pressure Cooker, some ramakins, and join me to make yourself those indulgent, rich, and decadent treats.  Serve them right from the pot (as soon as the cakes are done, we’ll end class so you can share your creations!) for maximum lava action!

P.S. They are still delicious refrigerated and eaten cold or warmed up in the microwave for a moment.  The lava won’t be flowing, but your mouth will still be partying.

What You Will Learn

Learn how to make an impressive dessert in just minutes in that miracle maker that is your Electric Pressure Cooker!


Bring your ingredients and equipment to class and we’ll walk through making Lava Cakes together! You will learn how to set and use your machine for this recipe. If you would like to learn more about the Electric Pressure Cooker, check out my course “Electric Pressure Cooker Love”!

Target Audience

Anyone who loves lava cakes but is intimidated to try this tricky dessert!


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