Basics of Online Security

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$15.00 30 minutes

Basics of Online Security

Do online threats overwhelm you?  Do you know how to protect your digital identity?  Join me for a class on how to make your devices, online identity, accounts, and activity more secure.  It does not take a degree in Cyber Security to protect yourself!

With my background in Computer Engineering and my current career in IT, I have seen what happens when someone’s online information is stolen.  Hours are spent on the phone, on the computer, and in-person fixing damage done by criminals.  Money can be lost, accounts frozen and businesses disrupted.  As more of our activities are moved online, there are more chances for criminals to gain access to our information.  This class is designed for those who use technology and want to protect themselves but don’t know where to start.  In this class my husband, a Software Developer and IT Specialist, and I will discuss best practices to secure your digital identity and data.  We include in our session a pre-class questionnaire to address your specific concerns during our class time.


What You Will Learn

You will leave this course with a game plan for improving your online security. You will have resources and skulls to utilize password managers. You will know ow to identify targeted phishing attacks and other scams and how to respond.



Target Audience

People who use technology every day, but are not sure how to best protect themselves.


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